How I Work #7: Ayanna in Tokyo

Welcome to another installment of How I Work! How I Work #7 introduces Ayanna Coleman, 32, who currently lives in Tokyo and runs her own business efficiency and marketing consultancy, Quill Shift. Ayanna writes, “I’m a business efficiency and marketing consultant. I work with new entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits who know their passion and… Continue reading How I Work #7: Ayanna in Tokyo

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How Do I Help?

"The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something." - Barack Obama Salut! The state of the world with coronavirus has me thinking. Thinking about my own life, thinking about the lives of others, thinking about the future of work, economics, and health. I am lucky. Almost every morning, I… Continue reading How Do I Help?

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CARES Act Information

Salut! I hope you are all safe and healthy. I'm feeling overwhelmed and impotent, wondering what I can do to help during the coronavirus crisis. Today's post shares some information from my accountant and my own research about the newly enacted economic relief law in the United States, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security… Continue reading CARES Act Information