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As summer rolls into fall, I’ve spent some time switching my closet over to my fall and winter wardrobe (which is not as fancy as it sounds). This changeover also gave me the opportunity to reorganize and clean out some closets, one thing that brings me great pleasure.

This post shares some of my closet organization handiwork. I hope it inspires you to take stock of what you have, what you need, and how it’s all arranged.

Organizing Closets, Pantry, and Drawers

“The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without.” -Ernest Hemingway

Purses, totes, and sporting equipment go in canvas totes in my master bedroom closet.

Seasonal shoes go on a shoe rack that fits under hanging items. Off-season shoes go in clear, plastic shoe boxes in a higher closet shelf, visible and within reach.

Items for Le Chien find their home in canvas totes in the pantry. Food items stick together on shelf, arranged by type. Cleansers and household items

Finally, I tackled the linen closet and bathroom drawers. All of my totes and tubs come from the Dollar Tree or similar discount store. Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive!

As things open back up as states lift or roll back stay-home orders, be sure to check on your local charity donation shop. My local Goodwill is once again open and accepting donations and I was happy to drop off a few boxes.

When did you last take stock of what you have and what you really need?

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2 thoughts on “Closet Organization”

  1. Hi Katie,

    I am impressed with your organizational skills and your determination to get it done and done just right!

    However, here is a quote to consider “THOSE WHO ARE ORGANIZED ARE JUST TOO LAZY TO LOOK FOR THINGS”.

    Ha, just kidding in reality I am jealous of what you accomplish.



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