Slow Cooker Applesauce with Secret Ingredient

I took your idea and I made it better.” ― Leslie Knope Salut! For a recent Oktoberfest shindig with Ma Famille, I decided to experiment with a new applesauce recipe. I've made applesauce in a Dutch oven on the stove, but never before in the slow cooker, and never before with a special secret ingredient.… Continue reading Slow Cooker Applesauce with Secret Ingredient


Maple-Carrot “Pupcakes”

Be a cupcake in a world full of muffins.” ― Anonymous Salut! In honor of Le Chien's second birthday, I decided to continue my foray into pet-friendly baking. As summer rolls into fall, I feel the call to bake even more acutely than normal. Baking brings me a lot of pleasure and honors my commitment… Continue reading Maple-Carrot “Pupcakes”

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Galena Airbnb with a Pet, August 2019

The journey is the thing.” ― Homer, The Odyssey Salut! Ma Famille and I recently traveled to Galena, a small town in northwest Illinois on the Mississippi River. Mon Mari and I rented a historic miner’s cottage via Airbnb and took Le Chien with us. Today’s post shares our highs and lows of staying in… Continue reading Galena Airbnb with a Pet, August 2019


Chicken Power Salad – Low-FODMAP and Gluten-Free

I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things.” ― Leslie Knope Salut! I recently wrote about my experience with IBS and experimenting with a low-FODMAP diet. Planning a day's worth of FODMAP-friendly meals can be challenging, and I tend to eat the same things over and over (and over). But I… Continue reading Chicken Power Salad – Low-FODMAP and Gluten-Free


Low-FODMAP Diet for IBS

I don’t mean to brag, but I have irritable bowel syndrome.” ― Jeremy Jamm, Parks & Recreation Salut! During the past four years since my irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) diagnosis, I have experimented with ways to manage my persistent mal à l'estomac through diet. While my gastroenterologist at the time prescribed an omeprazole to treat… Continue reading Low-FODMAP Diet for IBS


Vermont Scrapbook, August 2019

All in all, Vermont is a jewel state, small but precious.” ― Pearl S. Buck Salut! My long weekend in Vermont to visit Mes Parents was just as relaxing and beautiful as I'd hoped. There is indeed something précieux about that small state tucked between the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Champlain, and the White River. I… Continue reading Vermont Scrapbook, August 2019


Pumpkin Dog Treats

I’d say I’m about one cookie away from being happy.” ― Snoopy Salut! Baking and cooking are two activities that enhance my personal joie de vivre. Since I became a dog mom, I have always wanted to experiment with baking dog treats, but have been too skeptical to try. In fact, Le Chien's favorite word… Continue reading Pumpkin Dog Treats

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Packing for a Long Weekend in Vermont

When you figure out your suitcase, you figure out your life.”― Diane von Furstenberg Salut! This weekend, I am visiting Mes Parents in Vermont. They recently retired from central Illinois to Middlebury and I haven’t seen their new cottage yet. The bad news is that Mon Mari and Le Chien can’t join me on this… Continue reading Packing for a Long Weekend in Vermont

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Bienvenue à Joie de Vivre!

Salut! Welcome to Joie de Vivre! I am excited to write my first post and share a little bit about myself with you. My name is Katie Kritikos and I love to write, travel, cook, and organize. I am also an ardent linguist and Francophile. Despite my nerd-like tendencies (I have a law degree and… Continue reading Bienvenue à Joie de Vivre!