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Holiday Decorating Extravaganza, Part Deux


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we struggle toward the end of a very long and very scary year, I am trying to stay positive and spread some holiday cheer.

Yes, I am eagerly anticipating the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the transfer of power in the White House. Being optimistic right now can still be incredibly difficult, whether you read the news or not (le sigh). Focusing on putting out les décorations, preparing and mailing les cartes de Noël, and wrapping les cadeaux is a welcome reprieve.

This post shares my mother’s vision of a warm and cozy Christmas at home in Vermont. Maman is the O.G. decorator! But first, check out Chloe Fineman’s impressions of celebrities reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Maman claims she is not taking down her Christmas tree until the pandemic is over. And, ya’ll, I believe her.

Because of the unique situation with the hearth and fireplace in the living room, my ever-resourceful and creative mother made a hanger for the Christmas stockings using parts of a bamboo coat rack.

The guest room has a cozy, Christmas-at-the-beach vibe. And now I want to go to Florida. After the whole state gets a vaccine. Which will be never. So maybe nix the Florida plan.

The Snoopy tree is a family classic, this year reimagined as a tabletop tree in the family room.

And now, a spoiled dachshund. Merci for the early present, Maman!

How are you decorating and celebrating the holidays this year?

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