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Oh Bernie, My Bernie


Happy Inauguration Day! It was a bright day in America, a wonderful day to focus on hope and unity and to welcome the future. After four years of discord and division, of hatred and hauteur (le sigh), we can truly start to heal and enact meaningful change for racial justice, the pandemic and economy, and climate change, among so much more.

President Biden’s ambitious plan for his first 100 days inspires me to optimistic about my country again (or at least cautiously so). When Kamala Harris stood to be sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, I finally broke down and bawled, not just releasing four years of anger, anxiety, and anguish, but relishing the pride in accomplishment of these women and what their presence in the White House and on the Supreme Court bench means for representation in our government and for our future.

Another highlight of Inauguration Day for me was the inimitable Senator Bernie Sanders, the Democratic senator from Vermont and former presidential hopeful. With his homemade gloves, Burton ski parka, and large manila envelope in tow, the internet was smitten; as a Vermonter, so was I. There is only Bernie.

Some of my favorite memes of Bernie – but just a sample – follow. Many thanks to those who shared with me. You can make your own Bernie meme in Google Streets. Feel the Bern!

It really feels like the beginning of something new and good. There is much work to be done. President Biden’s executive orders are just the start. We can each take up our responsibility to be the change, to honor the hard work of those that came before us to make our country good and just. We can work on making things better together. And did I mention you can make your own Bernie meme in Google Streets?

As for Trump…

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

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2 thoughts on “Oh Bernie, My Bernie”

  1. Hi Katie,

    You have got to love those knit mittens!

    Is it a fact that Senator Bernie will head the Budget Committee? If so, it is a very important and meaningful position. I wish him wisdom, courage, and a desire to spend wisely.



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