Joyful Living

Personalized Stationery Wardrobe

Bonjour! As part of my commitment to joyful living, I love writing letters and sending mail. It is chic and charmant, and also creates an authentic connection with the recipient. Writing notes is a great way to help during the pandemic by keeping in touch with friends and family. Making Correspondence Personal "Letter writing allows… Continue reading Personalized Stationery Wardrobe

How I Work Project

How I Work #5: Dianah in Turkey

Welcome to another installment of How I Work! How I Work #5 introduces Dianah Kacunguzi, 35, a PhD candidate at the iSchool at the University of Illinois. Her dissertation research focuses on heritage informatics and she has also taught courses both at the graduate and undergraduate level. Dianah currently lives in Ankara, Turkey with her… Continue reading How I Work #5: Dianah in Turkey