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Happy National Dog Day


In honor of National Dog Day, today’s post celebrates Le Chien with some recent pictures. Oh, dachshund shenanigans!

A Dachshund a Day

“Being the owner of dachshunds, to me a book on dog discipline becomes a volume of inspired humor.” – E.B. White

Adolf Eberle, The Proud Dachshund, ca. 1843-1914 / Wikimedia Commons

I loved Le Chien from the second the breeder put him in my arms in Beloit, Wisconsin. (And I haven’t slept in since that day.)

While I remember what life was like before Le Chien (see, e.g., sleeping in, above), I cannot imagine life now without him. He is a surprise, a challenge, a delight, a joy. He is thirteen (okay, fourteen) pounds of love, energy, muscle, and opinion. And my life would not be half as full, nor half as fun, without him. He is family.

I’ve also learned a lot from the hound. He’s always in the moment, eager for attention, and ready for snackies (le sigh). He’s stubborn, sensitive, and smart. You can see him watching, thinking, and deciding (he may be part velociraptor). He knows what he wants – we should all be so wise.

Even if you don’t have a dog or pet, what can you do today to celebrate?

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