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Recipe: Easy Summer Mocktail


This is an easy, breezy post on what will hopefully be an easy, breezy summer Thursday. It’s been a long summer in the middle of a very long year, and we all need a little break. What better to accompany a break from work or chores or news or pandemic worries (le sigh) than an easy summer mocktail?

Refreshing Drinks to Make at Home

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Ernest Hemingway

Mixed nuts and a fun straw elevate the easy summer mocktail into a proper event

My love of sparking water and staying cool and refreshed in the summer heat inspired this drink. Combining sparkling water, flavored or not, with some organic frozen berries in a ridiculously huge wine glass (merci, Maman!) makes cooling off fun and chic at the same time. I added an eco-friendly, compostable straw for more flair.

This is hardly a real recipe, but the mocktail is délicieux all the same! The drink is also FODMAP-friendly (the berries are low in sugar), easy on the stomach (ah, bubbles!), and good for those with IBS (but you know how I hate to brag, bien sûr).

The kitchen inspector hard at work

Of course, you can add le bubbly to white wine for a classic spritzer if you need a real cocktail (and, at this point in my coronavirus fatigue, such things are a nécessité, not a luxury). I also combine sparkling water with orange juice to make my own Orangina.

Le Chien is only more interested in the doorbell than potential eats

Dressing up a drink is a simple, easy way to give yourself a little treat and commit to the pleasure principle (le principe de plaisir) and joyful living in everyday life. And if we’re not going to start having little treats now during quarantine, when will we?

What is your favorite summertime drink?

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À votre santé,


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