Yoga Tips for the (Home) Office


As we come up on one year of quarantine and staying at home, I’m thinking about ways to incorporate yoga tips into my work routine. I tend to sit rigid at my desk, hunched a the computer, without taking enough breaks to stand up, shake it off, and make time for self-care. Today’s post shares some ideas about how to be more mindful at work, whether from the office or the couch.

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Find Your Edge

Set the bar high for your performance. Being comfortably uncomfortable as you tackle a new work project is, as in any vigorous yoga practice, the perfect “edge.”

Observe, Then Adjust

That said, when a thought or feeling comes your way that makes you a little uncomfortable, take the time to observe it before you rush to move away. You may just need to make some adjustments to get the benefit of something unexpected, whether on a yoga mat or at work.

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Live in the Present Moment

Focus on the present. Try to ignore and dissociate from despite irrelevant inputs, past assumptions, and future concerns. Being mindful helps create overall balance and calm during the workday, and work-life balance is key for a healthy, joyful life.

Pause to Integrate

Take control of your calendar and give yourself time to pause, especially after important interactions at the office. Schedule time to take a break and relax if you have to. Chilling out and shaking off the day is just as important and just as productive as working.

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Controlling and observing your breath can bring awareness and focus on what is important. Breathing manages stress and develops mindfulness, essential in critical times during work and over the long haul in your career.

If you feel anxious or overwhelmed (hello, life during the pandemic), close your eyes and focus on your breath. When you get distracted, kindly acknowledge it, and then bring your focus back on your breath. Check out some more meditations.

How do you take a break during the workday?

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