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Christmas in Chicago


To celebrate many things – namely, being young and being aliveL’Husband and I recently spent the night in Chicago. In addition to the large, real concerns of the pandemic, political turmoil, and social strife (le sigh), it’s been a busy year for ma famille, from selling a home in Vermont to purchasing one in Illinois, flying on an actual airplane (!!!), a new company and promotion for L’Husband, and fertility treatment and pregnancy pour moi. A romantic overnight in a beloved and familiar place was just what we needed to celebrate our wedding anniversary, le bébé, Christmas, and the end of 2021.

Chicago at the holidays is more festive and less crowded than other times of the year (*cough* summer baseball and festival season *cough*), and the Windy City holds a special places in both our hearts. L’Husband went to DePaul University and purchased his first home (a condo in Greektown; how original for a Greek boy, le wink!) in Chicago, and we became engaged and married there too.

After almost two years of being at home together Every Day (nothing but love for you!), spending the night in the Loop at the same venue we hosted our wedding seven years ago was a welcome respite. I was so excited to make a hotel réservation, pack my suitcase, and dine au restaurant, I could pretend like I wasn’t terrified of getting COVID-19 from All the People. (I am boostered and always wear a mask when out an about, and have no problem telling people to Get Away from Me – le sigh encore.)

I love street art and Chicago boasts an amazing amount of public murals. Below is a love letter to the city in Meli Cafe in the South Loop.

The pandemic has taught me many things about la vie, most of them sad, but some of them happy, e.g.: There is nothing like real diner coffee and pancakes in a big city. Nothing. I sat in the bar along a wall by myself. That handsome man joined me.

After brunch, L’Husband and I walked around the Loop reminiscing about when we lived and worked in downtown Chicago. After my languid nap in a luxurious bed (merci, bébé!), we met for cocktails in the Rendezvous (a locale very apropos of Joie de Vivre!) at the Union League Club. I had a Shirley Temple and it was glorious. I also wore high heels and pantyhose for the first time in over two years and Owned It.

Amid the fancy décor and what could sometimes feel like a traditional (ahem, stuffy) atmosphere in the Union League Club, there was a Christmas tree decorated with teddy bears in the library, a delightful and whimsical surprise.

The Macy’s on State Street used to be the original Marshall Field’s department store, built in 1891. Decorated to le max for the holidays, it was fun to buy some inconic Frango mints and see the famous Tiffany glass domed ceiling from 1907.

Where would you visit if you could go anywhere?

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4 thoughts on “Christmas in Chicago”

  1. Indeed a whole lot to celebrate, wonderful that you were able to have so much fun in Chicago, you both look really happy! Just before the pandemic I spent two days in Paris for work, and I would really like to go back there with hubby. Hopefully we will be able to one day …

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