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Camping Out in a New House


Y’all, it has just been forever since I wrote anything for Joie de Vivre! In the last month, L’Husband started a new job, we drove halfway across the country with Le Chien, and we moved into our new home in Illinois. It’s been a lot of unpacking, organizing, cleaning, decorating, and yard work . . . So today’s post shares some shots of the new house in Illinois.

The kitchen table and chairs set up. Should be permanent, non?

The most important thing in the new house: le café!

A new-to-us couch in le salon flanked by plastic TV trays. C’est chic!

And a something a little cheesy left by the home’s seller. If only we had a fondue pot!

What transitions are you making this summer?

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6 thoughts on “Camping Out in a New House”

  1. We always just used the microwave for fondue! You might have to zap it again halfway through your meal if it cools too much, but it works nonetheless.

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