Joyful Living

Joyful Living Mission Statement

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

– Pablo Picasso


I founded Joie de Vivre in 2019 to celebrate joyful living everyday. Joie de vivre is a a French phrase meaning “joy in living.” I write about ways to incorporate simplicity and pleasure to make daily living more meaningful and fulfilling.

After years of writing, exploring, trying, and refocusing my priorities, I’ve discovered the three main attributes of joyful everyday living: joyful, sustainable, and authentic. Today’s post shares the official Joyful Living Mission Statement, also available here.

For your own celebration of daily living, consider:

Is it joyful?

Joyful living is about seeking pleasure in small things, keeping routines simple and commitments to a minimum, and taking breaks to reset, refresh, and recharge. Joyful living makes space for my own wellness and self-care.

Tips for joyful living:

  • Keep it simple
  • Incorporate small pleasures into everyday life
  • Embrace the joy of missing out
  • Eschew the hectic in favor of the leisurely

Is is sustainable?

Sustainability focuses on making lifestyle choices that benefit the environment and the future of Mother Earth. To be more sustainable, I’ve incorporate more organic and sustainable products and habits in recent years. I also pay attention to how I spend my time and money and embrace the good old reduce, reuse, recycle mantra.

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappé

A sustainable lifestyle notices my impact on the world and seeks progress through small, incremental changes to be better. The goal is progress, not perfection.

Tips for sustainable living:

  • Shop local
  • Consider how to use less energy and make less waste around the home and office
  • Upcycle and repurpose things you already have before buying new
  • Focus on baby steps and small goals (progress, not perfection!)

Is it authentic?

Authentic living is all about honoring yourself and who you are, what you want and need, and what makes you happy. Whether you call it listening to you heart, going with your gut, living your truth, or what have you, authenticity depends first and foremost on one thing: being honest with yourself.

Being honest with yourself is no easy task. Following the crowd or being complacent and living on autopilot are much easier ways to live. But I would rather sacrifice fitting in with being true to myself and goals.

Tips for authentic living:

  • Strive for the candid, not the staged or rehearsed
  • Embrace and showcase the whimsical, unique, and quirky parts of your personality
  • Think for yourself

How will you celebrate joyful living every day?

Merci for reading and please subscribe and share!

À votre santé,


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