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Having a New Baby Is Exhausting… for the Dog


The hound is exhausted. He’s knackered. He’s spent.

Why, you ask? Dear reader, Le Chien has a new baby. And bébés are a lot of work.

There’s the feeding (and inspecting used bottles for remnants of formula). There’s the diaper change (and wondering why the tiny human is so wiggly and stinky). There’s bath time and bedtime and burp time. Not to mention a lot of commotion in the middle of the night, when most right-thinking dachshunds would be sound asleep in their cozy beds.

Sometimes when Le Bébé cries, the humans know what to do and whip out a bottle or swaddle or pacifier (or all three). But sometimes, the humans (two adults with master’s degrees, mind you) don’t know what to do. Le Bébé will not be soothed and Le Chien must step up and offer reassuring licks and sniffs.

So much to monitor. So much to manage. Et voilà, the hound is tired. Having a new baby is exhausting.

Le Chien needs more than a belly rub and a nap; he needs le spa weekend. (We all do; le wink.)

But the tiny human is also fun and exciting. There’s the extra stroller walks (and grumping at passersby, a favorite hobby). There’s the endless piles of warm laundry (and burrowing in them). There’s play time and cuddle time and nap time. Not to mention all the new toys and extra treats and tiny socks to sneak and hide.

So while Le Chien may be tired, he is also content. The family is bigger, healthier, happier. The treats are more plentiful. And his heart is full.

No one said having a new bébé would be easy, but a dog has to do what a dog has to do. Bring on the bottles!

What new activités and adventures are you anticipating this fall?

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