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Adventures in Babywearing


There are lots of fun things about motherhood and parenting that I expected, like newborn snuggles and tiny clothes and feeling like a whole new person while at the same time feeling exactly the same. And right now, at twelve weeks old, I love watching Le Bébé discover the joy of playing with his hands and watching whirring the ceiling fan (both mystifying activities!).

There are fun things about parenting I didn’t anticipate too, like carrying Le Bébé around in the baby carrier. Like many other aspects of la maternité I learned about during pregnancy and the early days of being a parent, there’s a trendy name for something simple like strapping your child to you: “babywearing” (see also “co-sleeping” and “tummy time”; le sigh).

In This Post

  • Embracing the Idea of Babywearing
  • The Benefits of Babywearing

Embracing the Idea of Babywearing

Thirty weeks pregnant: doing some homework before I take the test. Practicing the Boba Wrap with a stuffed animal is the same as with a real baby, right? Sidebar: Covid hair, don’t care.

Naturellement, Big Maternity — that corporate capitalist machine determined to make us want things we don’t need and compare ourselves to others — has babywearing offerings as far as the eye can see, including those costing several hundred dollars from au courant brand Ergobaby (le sigh encore). To which I say: but why, though?

My opinion of overpriced baby paraphernalia aside, I greatly enjoy carrying Le Bébé in my more modest — and perfectly functional and comfortable — Infantino carrier, gifted to me at my baby shower. And I admit I also registered for a wrap-style Boba Wrap carrier as well, which winds around me like a mummy wrapper and keeps Le Bébé in stretchy but snug comfort. The earth mama in me loves this carrier.

N.B.: I have not monetized Joie de Vivre and do not receive any kickbacks for shilling products.

The Benefits of Babywearing

One month postpartum: the Boba Wrap début. First some wiggling, then a nap. Sidebar: better hair, but still not great. Le sigh.

While I tend to balk at the blind adoption of activities simply for being de rigueur, carrying the tiny human in a baby carrier offers many benefits:

  • I can be hands-free for a few minutes (or hours) while keeping Le Bébé close during a nap or fussy moment for extra soothing.
  • It introduces Le Bébé to a new environment and gives him a break from the bassinet or swing.
  • It’s a convenient mode of transport, circumventing the need to drag out the whole stroller apparatus every time I go for a walk.
  • It’s fun.

Two months postpartum: working it in the Infantino carrier for a change of pace in the kitchen. Sidebar: finalement, a real haircut.

Or, rather, it’s fun pour moi. Le Bébé does not always *love* the baby carrier, though it’s good exposure to new situations and sensations. If I can’t wear maternity jeans anymore, at least I have this new marker of motherhood.

What new activities do you want to try as the season changes?

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