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Long Weekend in Vermont

“All in all, Vermont is a jewel state, small but precious.” – Pearl S. Buck


My long weekend in Vermont to visit Mes Parents was just as relaxing and beautiful as I’d hoped. There is indeed something précieux about that small state tucked between the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Champlain, and the White River.

I visited Vermont in the summertime throughout my childhood and college years in Alabama, and began visiting again this year as Mes Parents transitioned into retirement there from central Illinois and L’Husband and I considered moving there ourselves. I always relish the familiar, peaceful feeling when I arrive.

On this trip, I flew in and out of Burlington International Airport (BTV) and stayed in Middlebury. We toured around Addison County, between Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains on the western side of the state, along Route 7 by car. Navigating this part of Vermont is relatively easy and efficient, and the nature and scenery are unparalleled. This post is a scrapbook of some of my activities (read: eating and drinking).

Les Plats: Pizza, Burgers … and a Moose!

Wood-fired pizza and beer at Hired Hand Brewing Co. in Vergennes. We had the special pizza of the week: olive oil, Fontina, bacon, tomatoes, sweet corn, fennel, and avocado crema. The server graciously accommodated my request to remove the raw red onion (malheureusement, a FODMAP trigger for my delicate digestive system). This pizza was the best meal I had on this trip. I also tried four-ounce pours of the the Hired Hand lager and pilsener.

Burger and beer night at Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury. Like any good college town, Middlebury has its share of bars and restaurants with student-friendly specials.

Obligatory caption: “A moose once bit my sister”

Gingerbread moose cookie from Otter Creek Bakery in Middlebury. This cookie was everything I hoped it would be and more. That is all.

Les Boissons: Local Beer (and Apple Cider!)

I love sampling new beers, especially local beers from microbreweries. Vermont positively teems with breweries, distilleries, cideries, and even meaderies (zut alors!). I saw a sign advertising an upcoming festival for nano-breweries, which produce even smaller batches of beer and fewer numbers of barrels than microbreweries.

I tried beers from Hired Hand Brewing Co. in Vergennes and The Shed Brewery in Middlebury, among others. To break it up, I also tried All Times Sparkling Ciders apple cider, which was très délicieux and reminded me of the Apfelschorle (sparkling apple juice) I had in Germany. As much as I enjoy having a beer, I have to be mindful of my sensitive skin and stomach without being a Buzz Killington.

Le Dessert: Maple Creemees

How I visited Vermont multiple times throughout child- and young adulthood without ever trying a maple creemee is a mystery to me! Creemees are Vermont’s gelato-esque version of soft serve ice cream: creamy, smooth, cold, delicious, and, above all, mapley. If you love maple (real maple, s’il vous plaît!) and ice cream, this is le dessert for you. I had my first-ever maple creemee at Dakin Farm in Ferrisburgh.

Where do you like to travel (and what do you like to eat) in the summer?

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