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Road Trip, Day 2: Pennsylvania to Illinois


After more than a year holed up at homeL’Husband and I venturing forth and driving from Vermont to Illinois. A recent post recapped some of the highlights of Day One of the drive from Vermont to Pennsylvania. Today’s post continues the fun and covers Day Two of the drive from Pennsylvania to our destination of Illinois.

La Musique

The music: a playlist lovingly curated by yours truly, with much less (i.e., no) Michael Jackson this time. In rotation: pop music from Denmark and France, of course, Lady Gaga.

Les Snacks

The snacks: no organic, bear-themed treats today. Instead, L’Husband and I decided to be healthy and eat more fruit (le wink).

And I also succumbed to my bourgeois millennial instincts and got coffee at Starbucks (a tall caffe latte with 2% milk and an extra shot, oh là là!), which paired nicely with a Biscoff cookie. Traveling in Europe has taught me that taking a coffee break without some sort of small accompanying cookie is practically barbaric. Just because I am on the road does not mean I cannot be fancy.

Le Paysage

The scenery: We finally left Pennsylvania, which, as I mentioned in Day One’s post, is my new least favorite place in the United States (move over, Newark). And what can one say about the landscape of Ohio and Indiana? I’ll get back to you on that.

La Destination

Home at last! Or, at least, at my parents’ home in Illinois, which is our landing pad for two weeks as we house hunt for our new home in Champaign. We miss Vermont and especially Le Chien, who is living it up with his doting (and generous) puppy grandparents while we shop for a home. But it is good to back in Illinois and out of the car. And not think about the eventual flight back to Vermont on a real-life airplane (le shudder).

Cue sigh of relief:

Quote of the Day

“This is the nice part of Cleveland.” [Katie gestures to industrial waterfront]

Do you have any travel plans this summer?

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