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Dachshund Staycation with Nana and Papa

Guten Tag!

Welcome to the official Dachshund Takeover of Joie de Vivre! Because my puppy parents abandoned me for Two Weeks to gallivant from Vermont to Illinois, I am taking over today’s post. I won’t be ignored. I am the center of attention.

And why, you may ask, did my dog mom abandon me so cruelly? For a “change of scenery” and to “find a new home” so we can be “closer to family” before they “fly back to Vermont.” Le woof!

Well, let me tell you, dear reader, this dachshund ain’t no fool, pas du tout. I had my nana and papa All to Myself. I behaved like a perfect gentlemen. I got lots of new toys and all the belly rubs. Le Chien gets his!!

Check out the shenanigans below!

A typical day starts with papa willingly sharing the foam of his café latte with me.

After walkies and eats (code word: Breakfast), I take a nap wherever I want. All soft, upholstered surfaces are fair game. No one minds this.

If, for some reason, nana and papa decide to do Yard Work or Otherwise Maintain the Exterior of The Home, I get to nap again. Lounging dans le soleil is the only way. Trés chic.

Some afternoons, there is Le Baseball. As long as there is a warm lap, I will oblige. Why does papa curse the Cubs so much?

I know where all the good sun spots are. When I snoozle by the side door, I will know when the UPS or FedEx or postperson comes. Then I can let nana and papa know an interloper approaches. My loud barking protects our land and family and is much appreciated. Le woof encore!

Just in case nana and papa forget, I remind them when it’s time for eats again (code word: Dinner).

After a busy day of walkies, naps, and new toys (le score!), I need some quiet time. But always keep half an eye on my Toy du Jour. Today, it’s Psychedelic Sheep.

What is your vision of the perfect day?

Merci for reading and please subscribe and share!

À votre santé,

Le Chien


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