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Oktoberfest Birthday for a Dachshund

Guten Tag!

We’re continuing the German takeover of Joie de Vivre to celebrate my love of all things deutsch, from Brotzeit to breakfast to Orangina. (And you can even find some German treats at Wal-Mart, le score!)

Oktoberfest season is upon us, and what better way to usher in fall than with a German Oktoberfest-themed birthday party for my very German dog, a miniature dachshund? Le Chien’s birthday was technically in September (and Germans technically celebrate Oktoberfest in September), so here we are.

While I would love nothing more than to plan a visit to Germany, my mortal fear of dying of COVID-19 and my bank account are keeping me safely zu hause (le sigh). But that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own fun right at home and enjoy a party! Bring on the Gemütlichkeit!

These are not German snacks, but any good host always has crunchies for her party guests.

How am I able to wear an infernal bowtie and sit so still in front of this lavishly decorated fireplace, you ask? Treats, I tell you!

The infernal bowtie will not deter me from opening my presents!

Gimme tissue paper! The crinkles!

At last, the ultimate squeaky rubber toy. I shall disembowel him post haste.

L’Husband and I hosted Mes Parents to celebrate Le Chien turning four. We grilled cheddarwurst and feasted on red cabbage, potato salad, pickles, and giant soft pretzels. It was wunderbar, yet I did not take any pictures of the meal (le sigh encore). I was too busy wrangling the pooch and, let’s be honest, feeding my face. Schmeckt gut!

What have you celebrated recently?

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