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International Food Finds at Walmart


I love to travel in Europe and look forward to doing so one day … in the far and distant future (though I did fly recently, le yikes!). Travel opens the mind, changes the routine, and introduces new ideas and ways of doing things. And the food!

In the meantime, I enjoy incorporating what international grocery items I can find at local shops into my mealtime repertoire. In the past year plus of quarantine, I travelled through my food, whether a French-inspired breakfast or picnic or dinner party, a loaf of Irish bread, or German-style “bread time.”

Shopping local and discovering great from Europe is fun and makes the get more pleasurable and exciting. It’s a way to savor memories of old trips and bring some of the magic home. Yes, I can order Barry’s Tea Gold Blend from Ireland or Milka chocolate from Germany (but not kruidnoten cookies from the Netherlands!) on Amazon. I can order basically anything on Amazon (le sigh). But, to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, I choose not to order.

Which brings me to Walmart, my option for food and sundries while I crash with Mes Parents, while la famille and I are between houses. How is spending money at corporate capitalist Walmart, with its deplorable treatment of workers and conservative agenda, different from or better than shopping at Amazon, you may ask? The short answer: It’s not. But needs must. And Mes Parents are saints.

A recent jaunt to faire le shopping yielded several international finds, to my surprise and delight. Today’s post shares a roundup of some goodies that my dear American readers can source at Wally World. C’est délicieux!

When you are in the mood for a certain élégance and je ne said quoiles fromages français:

Continuing the trip to la belle France, Bonne Maman preserves in a pleasing array of flavors.

Next, the delight of Belgium: crispy, spicy speculoos cookies. Le swoon!

And, last but not least, King Arthur Flour.

While from Vermont and decidedly not from Europe, this high-end baking item caught my eye and made me feel all the feelings about the most recent placed I lived.

Bringing a taste of Europe home, while a poor second to actually visiting the continent and seeing Christiane in Germany or Winnie in the Netherlands, soothes my soul and adds joy to my everyday life. The good news: There were even more international delights from other regions of the world at my local Walmart that I will examine on my next shopping trip.

Did I mention Mes Parents are saints?

What treats from your travels can you find right here in the United States?

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5 thoughts on “International Food Finds at Walmart”

  1. As soon as the kruidnoten are available again (it’s a Sinterklaas treat and that’s in December) I will send you some again Katie!

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