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Easy Holiday Appetizer: Honey Goat Cheese and Fancy Crackers


As the holidays approach, I get Very Excited about the coming season of gift-giving, decorating, and extra treats (edible and otherwise). And, as per usual, I am limiting les excursions out and about due to the persistence of the pandemic and my own (mild to moderate) reentry anxiety (vaccine booster notwithstanding). So entertaining à la maison it is!

American Thanksgiving is two weeks away (le yikes!). Today’s post shares a fun and festive holiday appetizer idea: a goat cheese log spruced up with honey and, if you’re feeling extra fancy, a sprinkle of toasted pepitas, served alongside fancy crackers. Oh la la!

To be clear: chez moi, the Christmas season starts the day after Halloween. The Christmas village goes up mid-November and the trees (oui, that’s plural – trees) the day after Thanksgiving.

Sources for the components, featuring my typical high-low mix: black fig and pepita crackers from Aldi; plain goat cheese from the grocery; organic honey from Trader Joe’s; and French cheese board from Williams-Sonoma.


To serve four, all you need is a goat cheese log, your favorite honey for drizzling, and special crackers (but plain ol’ Ritz or Saltines are fine too!).

I did not happen to have any toasted pepitas for the final garnish of this particular itération of the dish (le whoops), but don’t let that stop you! Also nothing wrong with expanding the offering with more cheese, crackers, and other nibbles.

The Laguiole cheese board with coordinating cheese knives, each featuring the brand’s classic bee motif.

La Présentation

Using special serve ware elevates an otherwise simple, almost humble, dish and makes the fête more festive and memorable. I use any excuse to get out special pieces, whether inherited or gifted or purchased moi-même, to rekindle special memories and create new ones.

The wood cheese board by French company Laguiole featured in this recipe came from Williams-Sonoma, purchased by me with a gift card from Mes Parents. They know I love entertaining and all things français, and I think of them every time I use the board. Such a piece lends itself to serving cheese, charcuterie, fruit, nuts and olives, and even cookies. Let l’imagination run wild!

What is your favorite holiday treat?

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