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Happy National Dog Day!


It’s National Dog Day! I’m excited to spend some extra time cuddling with and doting on Le Chien, my michevious miniature dachshund. Belly rubs and new toys are in order. Maybe I’ll even bake some special dog treats!

L’Husband and I got the hound almost five years ago, when he was eight weeks old. We drove him home from Beloit, Wisconsin, to Milwaukee in a dog crate stuffed with a beach towel.

It was love at first sight. Le Chien opened a new door to love in my heart and brought us together as a family. His favorite person is and always will be my father – his papa. And as much as Le Chien can be a difficult diva, his high spirits and devotion always remind me to slow down and take time to be in the moment. He makes me want to be better. (With mixed results on my part.)

A trip down memory lane: December 2017, right after we brought Le Chien home!

Pets add joy to life and make families whole. I love and appreciate our sweet and sassy fur baby. Le Chien will always be family and will always be my firstborn.

What are you celebrating today?

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