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A Dachshund Explores a New House


I’m finally getting back into a writing groove after a busy month settling into a new home in a new state after a whirlwind of house hunting. (Check out our road trip from Vermont to Illinois here and here! I even flew on an actual airplane!) And I’m going to level with you, dear reader: I try to spend as little time at my desk and computer as possible, especially in the summer if I’m not lecturing.

Unpacking, gardening, and grocery shopping (in a low-key hazmat suit, le sigh) gives me the the opportunity to do just that. Why would one of my hobbies be writing a blog, you may ask, given my aversion to working al desko? I’m an enigma.

The new digs in Illinois already feel like home. I miss Vermont, as I always miss our old home, friends, and routine when we move. But something about the wide, open space of the prairie makes me feel like I can breathe again after a long pandemic year. That, plus my vaccine and face mask (le sigh encore).

Central Illinois is very special to La Famille: I was born here, met L’Husband here, got married here. Finding connection and meaning where I live brings joy to my everyday life, and we need simple pleasures now more than ever.

Today’s post shares some shots of Le Chien exploring the new maison (as he did in Vermont!). We’re pressing on with organizing, cleaning, decorating … more to come!

Watching… judging… le bark!

This air mattress with Cubs linens and Baby Yoda is the height of sophistication, non?

There is so much to sniff dans le jardin!

Exploring a new house is exhausting! Le Chien needs his beauty sleep.

What are you exploring this summer?

Merci for reading and please subscribe and share!

À votre santé,


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