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Yes, Our Nursery Has a Snoopy Theme


Let me start by saying that I love Peanuts and Snoopy. Always have, always will. Snoopy is essential to adding joy to my life.

Thus, it should not shock those of you who know this about me that the nursery for le bébé will have a Snoopy theme. And L’Husband gets it. He knows who he married (le wink).

Let me continue by saying that pregnancy is a journey, and I’ve leaned a lot about myself and my body (and how gross she can be, le sigh) during this process. But it’s not all about le vomiting and nosebleeds and charley horses and doctor’s appointments and le vomiting some more.

For this maman-to-be who loves decorating and organizing, nesting and stocking up on baby gear and preparing la maison – especially a nursery – is one of the most fun things I’ve ever gotten to do (especially since I thought I never would get to)!

Vintage chair (repainted) from my great-grandfather’s Vermont cabin; new Target crib; new IKEA nightstand

With nesting comes some much-needed pandemic pregnancy retail therapy (which also includes shopping for new clothes and discovering the joys of maternity pants). En fait, I was hesitant to buy too much bébé-related paraphernalia during the first trimester. L’Husband and I wanted to make sure we were good and pregnant before sharing the news Le Chien was going to be a big brother to a human puppy and investing too much emotionally or financially in preparing a nursery.

And so, after the waiting and wondering through Week 13, I started to plan the nursery and allow myself to troll the internet for Snoopy décor. I went with a gender-neutral theme because a) not everything has to be blue or pink (for example, like a baby shower) and b) not everyone finds out baby’s sex before birth. Some of us want to be surprised! (And thumb their noses at Big Maternity!)

After the holidays at the end of 2021, we also noticed increasing shortages and backorders of certain items due to the supply chain crisis (merci, COVID!). Cue pouncing on a rocker-glider-recliner and stalking IKEA. Zut alors!

New Babyletto chair; repurposed cubes from my childhood bedroom

But not everything has to be new! My commitment to creating and maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle in 2022 and to creating a more eco-friendly home led us to reuse and repurpose several items for the nursery. Bien sûr, incorporating vintage and family pieces with special memories and meaning brings me a lot of joy and pleasure.

New IKEA dresser; repurposed Crate & Barrel leaning desk

New: crib from Target (N.B.: always buy a new crib, except in very limited circumstances); recliner from Babyletto; and dresser, nightstand, and rug from IKEA.

Reuse: a vintage chair from my great-grandfather’s cabin in Vermont got a fresh coat of yellow paint; a baby bed my uncle built me when I was seven now holds new stuffed animals and some of my own dear friends (punching me right in the childhood).

Repurpose: a Crate & Barrel leaning bookshelf becomes a diaper-changing station and display shelf for family pieces; a modular cube from my childhood bedroom gets a paint job and now holds books and toys (another punch right in the heartbone).

New IKEA rug; reused handmade baby bed from my childhood

And because I am trying to be realistic about the future . . .

How would you redecorate a room in your home or office with reused or repurposed décor?

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À votre santé,


6 thoughts on “Yes, Our Nursery Has a Snoopy Theme”

  1. Hi Katie, your Snoopy room is just adorable, nice how you combined (very) old and new, it goes so well together. Your baby is going to feel very comfy there.

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  2. Hi Katie,

    I am not surprised with the Snoopy Theme. The nursery looks great. Good job in getting everything ready.

    Who knows, perhaps I will need to visit, when the time is right, to meet and hold your new arrival.



    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the snoopy theme and the way you’ve prepared for your little one, Katie! (Following “the family bed” philosophy, we missed out on this stage completely.)

    Hope you are feeling better now!

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