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Self-Care Tips for Pregnancy


To put it mildly, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. It’s been a long two (plus) years during the pandemic. And it’s okay to feel drained (emotionally, physically, grammatically) and take a relaxation moment to rest and restore.

Building off some 2021 musings on self-care, today’s post shares some tips whether you’re pregnant or not – with the help of the inimitable Moira Rose of Schitt’s Creek. I happen to be 28 weeks pregnant, wracked with reentry anxiety, mildly gassy, and craving gummy bears, but these ideas are for tout le monde!

Click here for the best of Moira. You’re welcome.

1. Stop making excuses for why you can’t take care of yourself

Excuses are a major time and motivation suck. There will always be more work, chores, errands, emails, phone calls, and other horribly boring tasks, so clinging to “I’ll rest after I finish X” means you will never stop and relax.

I used to delay my self-care all the time … and then be disgruntled, angry, or upset when I inevitably felt overwhelmed and fatigued (le sigh). Taking care of myself during a high-risk pregnancy became one of my top priorities only because it had to be.

Only now have I finally relinquished some lingering bad habits from graduate school and law practice, and quelle dommage. Never again!

2. Make time for self-care

We’re all busy in one way or another. As of this writing, I’m growing a tiny human (excitement! hormones! maternity pants! baby gear!), settling in to a new home (gardening! closet organization! nesting!), and lecturing at a university (nerds! grading!). I’m living for sweet, delicious naps and cereal breaks.

Carving out time for rest and self-care during pregnancy and life in general (e.g., baths, baking, hikes, yoga, puppy cuddles, et cetera) is critical for joyful living. You don’t need permission, pas du tout. Get out of your own way and make it happen!

3. Embrace the pleasure of food

Food is fuel, and aging into my late thirties, pregnancy, and the pandemic have shown just how true this adage is. Eat food that nourishes and supports your mind and body. It’s about well-being, wellness, and la santé, not a restrictive or punishing diet.

While I’ve never had an eating disorder, I discovered recently that I have had bouts of disordered eating off and on from my teens to today. Merde.

Reading this October 2021 article from theSkimm during my first trimester was sobering and eye-opening. Knowing how I must eat during pregnancy for myself and le bébé showed me just how insidious disordered eating is and how embracing, not fearing, food for my physical and mental health is nonnegotiable.

Eating healthy does not mean eschewing all the snacks and all the treats forever. Mama needs her marshmallows and Nutella. Take the approach à la français: balance and pleasure in all things, even food.

4. Listen to your body and follow her cues

No one knows your body better than you do, and no one can look after you like you can yourself, bien sûr. Trust yourself and set boundaries (with yourself and others) and prioritize your needs. Because you’re worth it (le wink)!

5. Monitor your mental health

Mental health is not just a buzz term. It’s a très important component to your overall health. There is nothing wrong with feeling down or with seeking the help you need and deserve. Talk to your doctor; they can do a mental health screen and point you in the right direction for care.

How will you start taking better care of yourself today?

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À votre santé,



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